Taking a Rest

We’ve been in our new home for three days. I’m very happy to say we’re about seventy percent unpacked. There are still things to hang on walls, a kitchen counter to finish replacing, and a basement to sort out, but we are getting a little closer every day. Except yesterday.


Yesterday, we did almost nothing to get further settled in. We were too exhausted, too mentally spent to even think about where something else might go. My husband and I took an ice cream break after the kids were in bed and thought about everything but moving for the rest of the evening.


That break was almost like a magic spell. This morning I woke up with ideas about how to organize our kitchen, making use of what we have in a better way. I had the energy to heft around some heavy boxes in two other rooms before I even had breakfast, because I could see more clearly how it would all end up.


So it is with writing (you didn’t think I’d make it through a move without making an analogy to writing, did you?). Sometimes—especially after things have been thrown up in the air and dramatically rearranged—you need to take a break to get clearer perspective. A rest is not always a result of laziness or apathy; it can be just the thing to get a tough spot back on track.


This move has provided me plenty of time away from my manuscript, and I’m looking forward to diving back in very, very soon. Of course my books are already on the shelves. Now I can’t wait to see where my new space will take me.


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