Progress Report

After months of preparation, my family has moved. We’re unpacking more and more (almost) every day. Yesterday it seemed like we’d never be done, but today something about the rain here in New Jersey makes me think that we’ve got a fresh start. There’s still work to be done on the house, and lots of visitors and preparations for a family wedding at month’s end (it’s finally August, yay!). I don’t know that I’m getting my Saturday morning writing sessions back any time soon, but I’m thinking about jockeying for Sunday afternoons.


I sent two chapters, one from a newly worked beginning and one from the middle, to my writers’ group last night. Next week I’ll have their feedback and, I hope, a big push to finish this revision by Labor Day.


It feels good to have things start to wrap up, even if one of those “things” is summer. I’ve been in this stage—of flux on the home front and of revision on the writing front—long enough. Now it’s time to move forward!


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