Change of Scenery

One of the themes I keep coming back to in my writing is the experience of home. What is home as a place? What does it take to be at home in yourself?


Personally, I’m experiencing a mishmash of all things home right now. With my husband and two children, we’ve just moved into my husband’s childhood home, which is in the town we both grew up in. We are making it our own both in the tangible, like painting walls, and the intangible, as we put our family’s routines into practice.


I’ve worried at times that without being surrounded by the faster pace of Brooklyn, I’d lose some of my momentum as an author. I’m continuing to connect virtually with my writing group, but will it be the same, going forward?


The same? No. Impossible? Absolutely not.


With a change of scenery comes a shift in perspective. Change is what life is all about—how we deal with change is what good writing explores, and even illuminates. How did this character change from beginning to end? How did this conflict go from insurmountable to surpassed?


I will certainly be a different person for this change, and my writing will change some, too, I’m sure. Hopefully, with most of the work of the move behind me, I can use this energy to take this last (?) edit across the finish line.


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