Distractions Away, Latte on Hand

Lately the hardest part of writing for me has been using the time I have well. Okay, so maybe not just lately. Maybe that’s always a challenge.


There are a million things I could do, sitting in front of my computer, alone, in a study room at my local library. I tend to start my writing sessions with lunch or a mid-morning snack, so there is an accepted settling-in time. But once the food is away, it can be like jumping into a giant pool without checking the water temperature. (This is a bad analogy for those more adventurous than myself.)


Once you get in though, it’s worth it, isn’t it? Time flies by and before you know it, the lights are turning off in the library and it’s time to head back home. It’s when I force myself to jump in and stay in that I get the best results, and usually it’s a high that lasts for a couple of days.


With that, then, it’s time for me to jump in to this week’s work! Happy writing, friends!


P.S. Anyone out there considering NaNoWriMo this year? I’m thinking of using it to make progress on my current WIP—not exactly the point, but 50,000 words is enough of a goal for me. I’d love some company!


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